Legendary Kingdom Tactics

Legendary Kingdom Tactics 1.0

Battle other players online in this intense 3d tactical turn-based game
1.0 (See all)
Timeless Tactics

Face off against another player online, and see who's army will claim victory. You are in control of a small army of warriors, who look to you to lead them to victory. Play as the barbaric goblins or the swift elves. Each side has its own set of strentghs and weaknesses.

Battles take place on a 3d grid board, where units move and take their actions in turn-based combat. Each unit has at its own unique combination of attributes and skills. Some move further, attack stronger, maybe even get their turn more often then others. Each has a vital role to play in your army, and its up to you to discover how to utilize each one to the best of their abilities.

There are two ways to win a battle. The first is to defeat all of the opposing units. If you have the last units standing, you are the victor. The second is to capture the enemy flag and deliver it to your base. Since each armies flag begins on its own base, this can be a challenge. If you have a resilient warrior though, this may be your quickest way to victory.

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